Eating Healthy on Food Stamps

21 Sep

Eating Healthy on Food Stamps

The documentary “Food Stamped” by Shira Potash and Yoav Potash showed that one can eat healthy on food stamps which equaled just over a $1 a day but you see the meals had been simple like a small bowl of lettuce for a meal without dressing and all the typical fixings.  Desserts had been free samples from the store you get with toothpicks which many people would not save for an entire day or days.  Bread had been taken out of the trash can from a local shop.

The movie left out that if you already really suffer from obesity or food allergies that going on food stamps would be a nightmare.  There is no way you could afford alternative foods for a $1 a meal.  All small packages of gluten free flours cost $8 to $20.  Try making your own special bread on such little money.  What happens if you already are in the big X sizes and try to eat healthy organic foods on such a little amount of money?

Overall the movie reported many facts if you didn’t already know that would be very interesting.  There was historical information about the beginning of food stamps in the United States.  It showed you what is happening in some school classrooms about how people are trying to teach kids to eat healthy.

The Standard American Diet is an incredibly hard trap for people to get out away from.  Companies have worked hard to make sure that the food is addictive so people will keep buying more.  It comes down to making corporations very rich by making people extremely sick.  Sure the companies will come out with products toting healthy jingles just to get people to think a product is wholesome while it just makes the person fatter.

Eating healthy truly is a life style change.  We struggle everyday affording foods for two kids with food allergies.  No matter how much information you know the addiction to processed foods can keep you hooked even when you truly want to give it up.  When you worry about keeping your car running to get back and forth to work how can you not feel stress?  We don’t get food stamps and are struggling to afford healthy and safe foods.  I would love to buy all organic and directly from local farmers but the reality is that we just don’t have the money especially when buying alternative foods for food allergies.

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